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I have been writing opinion pieces at awate. At least you pretended to be Ethiopians. The historian Jawad Ali, for instance, mentions that among the valuable archeological findings in Axum—a stone with Sabayan 4 inscriptions in a wall of an old church. You buy Assabget Massawa free.

Back to biblical times. The treatment given herewith is all about the history of the two languages. Sure enough, Ethiopia is a third world nation with myriad of serious issues to deal with but at least it behooves us to give credit where it is due instead of rambling for a good hour about the last leg of the Weyanes which is incredibly hard to be materialized only in a split-world of Isaias where you seem to belong to the latter as well.

It seems those people lived specifically in the area located in the Abyssinian plateau. But, for certain it was not prior to the 5th century B. I am not going to extrapolate about those inhabitants whom we may call locals or Abyssinian nationals, who are the remote grandparents of the Kunama or Baria.

That said, Ethiopians are fairing and living better than when the monarch and the military junta were in power. Guess what, we already know that things are bad in Eritrea. History bereft of political posturing might for once allow us to see ourselves not in that politicized body politicking but as one people who have inhabited a body of history interwoven by countless narratives of coexistence.

In the Arabic language Ardmuhammah is fever land or land that has much fever. Their languages were too many to count. I hope Italians will invest to preserve the presence of this language in Eritrea as their historical legacy.

You told us your business proposal must be approved by his Excellency IA. Thanks for the good wishes.

ጥፋቱ የማን ነው?

Though it arrived with the immigrants, they still use it. Kalihari Snake Hi Paulos: Apparently, you do not comprehend what you say. My writings tend to focus on Eritrea and Ethiopia. Many books were also translated into Geez in this era in defense of the Jacobite doctrine.

Also, the Coptic synaxorion, which contains the biographies of the saints, as well as, other collections of books on literature, theology etc. There is a difference and divergence between the two Arabic languages that almost makes them two different languages, not simply two dialects out of one language.I think the write didn’t consider few other facts.

1. the silent majority.

the one thing i disagree with you is when you talk about diaspora the number is around 2 to 3 million so how can you brand all this with few 10 to 20% of extremist. the majority about 80% of the diaspora is silent. they might not call themselves number one in all thing but they are.

Politics and Libel: A Critical Look at the Ethiopian Diaspora

Abyssinia (Al Habasha): Origins and Language By: Professor JalaLuddin killarney10mile.com, Ph.D. Abyssinian history goes back to two Arabian tribes: Hibsht and Ag’az.

ኤርትራዊ ሆነው በኢትዮጵያ ከፍተኛ የስልጣን ሃላፊነት የተሸከሙት አቶ በረከት ስምዖን በኢትዮጵያ ላይ የሚፈርድ፣ ዜጎችን የሚያሸማቅቅ፣ ለአገራቸው የተሰውትን የሚያናንቅና በተለይም በውድ አገራቸው የሚመኩ ወገኖችን የሚያኮስስ ንግግር. Dear All, It is safe to say that Eritrean languages are Unlike those who claim that Eritrea has only nine languages, my list goes higher by 5.

Write amharic paltalk
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