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You can attend this if you use buses or Train to pakistan to cross. Many refugees attempted to flee to the far outskirts of the skirmish, where they imagined they might outrun the violence.

The village itself is made up of Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and quasi-Christians, and has existed for hundreds of years in this state of cooperation. It also means you can hold accommodation while you finalise your itinerary, and alter your plans as they evolve - a feature I use all the time when putting a trip together.

The relationship between Jugga and his intended, between Sikh and Muslim, shows that, despite the death, carnage and madness, people can choose to be different, to walk a different path, even if that Train to pakistan might be one of self-sacrifice.

The effect of the change, however, was significant and as Singh has shown, frighteningly, social, as religious groups rearranged and clashed violently.

It becomes apparent that he is a man in moral conflict who has probably used his power over the years with much corruption. They are all thrown into a system where the value of human life is based on caste systems, religious beliefs and politics.

Train to Pakistan

The guilt he gets from not helping when he has more than enough power to do so literally jumps onto him. Here are some suggested insurers. It is short but a powerful story about the Partition of India in —an event I am sorry to say I had not known much about until coming on this field study to India.

The ethnic cleansing has not begun with the first or second train to arrive in Mano Majra, and Jugga, though a thief and complicit in the killing, must now decide if this baseless violence should be perpetuated based on the fact that it is the only thing the villagers now know, or if he should transcend the current mode of thinking and speak out against the violence.

Taking this advice can save you quite a lot on each trip compared to using your normal high-street bank credit card! Singh describes daily life for individuals from both practices. When this still functioning colonial train first pulled up to the station I just stared.

Each side has a few rows of hot cement stadium seating for people to come and observe the lowering of the flags ceremony conducted by the military. Reading this during that experience both impa This book, particularly this version with photographs from Margaret Bourke-White a pioneer in photojournalism was fantastic.

Special steam excursions used to operate from time to time untilbut the line was damaged by floods, quite apart from the security situation in the area.

You should check the security situation in this part of Iran at www. A twice-weekly train leaves Lahore at See the India page. There are two triumphant looking arches on both sides and two gates in between the two dividing the countries.

People stop working to watch from rooftops as the train goes by. That has to count for something, right? Pakistan Railways carries 65 million passengers annually and operates mail, express and passenger trains daily.

All of the above happened on the short two hour crawl to Amritsar. The book sheds light on the various religious practices of both Sikhs and Muslims in rural India. Though the order to help bury the passengers is a shocking twist for the villagers, things become achingly real and surreal for them when the Muslims in the village are ordered to evacuate the village immediately.

Ironically, the farther people got from the cities, the more casual the killing became. The first 15 engines would be manufactured in China, and the remainder would be assembled in Pakistan with Chinese parts and technology.

Singh does not paint any of the villagers above reproach. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The border closure ceremony at Atari. Going by bus or taxi also allows you to see the spectacular ceremony at sunset when the border closes.

The Thar Express leaves Karachi every Friday at To better understand the situation surrounding the partition of India, Singh provides information about both religions involved. The fare from Lahore to Wagah is Pakistani rupees. Plot Summary Train to Pakistan is a harrowing tale of a country divided by religious and political differences.

Why are we celebrating? The railway has entered developmental agreements with Chinese rail companies.Train times, fares & information for train travel in Pakistan, including Karachi to Lahore, Quetta, Multan, Rawalpindi & Peshawar, and the new Thar Express to India via Munabao. Train to Pakistan is a harrowing tale of a country divided by religious and political differences.

The narrative takes place during the historic Partition of India in the summer ofwhich is considered one of the bloodiest times in the country’s history. Train to Pakistan has 16, ratings and 1, reviews. Srinivas said: every time i want to write a review, i just, struck, plain and simple.

but this ti /5. Pakistan Railways endeavours to run the trains strictly in accordance to time table. The progressive freight train support organization operated by professional management and competent staff endeavours to provide reliable, competitive and economical service of recognized standards to its customers.

Pakistan Railways (reporting mark PR) (Urdu: پاکستان ریلویز ‬ ‎) is the national, state-owned railway company of Pakistan.

Train to Pakistan Summary and Study Guide

Founded in and headquartered in Lahore, it owns 4, miles (7, km) of track across Pakistan from Torkham to Karachi and operates freight and passenger service. Train to Pakistan [Khushwant Singh, Arthur Lall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

“In the summer ofwhen the creation of the state of Pakistan was formally announced, ten million people—Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs—were in flight. By the time the monsoon broke/5().

Train to pakistan
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