The strange customs of the jews in the chosen by chaim potok

It is a softball game, not a baseball game, played on blacktop, not on grass. The Chosen is not simply a Jewish book for Jewish readers, although it was the first widely read and popular book of its time to depict such a world. Rabbi Saunders asks Danny if he will cut his beard and sideburns payot.

Potok explicitly introduces this topic by alluding to the relationship between Danny and his father, where there is no verbal communication between them, except during religious study. David also tells Reuven that Danny is coming to apologize to him.

Reb Saunders insulates and isolates himself from the modern world, including Modern Orthodoxy, in everything from the method used to study Talmud to the creation of the state of Israel. They believe that the Old Testament, known as the Torah — Tore ah — and considered to contain the central, most important tenets of the Jewish religion, was given to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai by God and is literally true.

Reading novels that challenged his Jewish beliefs, he wondered whether it was possible to be a Jew and an American simultaneously, asking, "Was it possible to live in a religious culture and a secular culture at the same time?

Reuven has integrated his Modern Orthodox faith and American culture. Rabbi Saunders tells Reuven that he knows that Danny will not be assuming the rabbinate. The most obvious trait shared by Reuven and Danny is their Judaism.

Considered a heretic by the Hasidim. The doctors confirm that there is indeed something wrong. Both share an intense competitive drive and a fervent intellectual passion.

This forges a friendship between them, which develops through out the novel. The Chosen takes place in an Orthodox community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that is shaped by Jewish faith and customs. Reuven and Danny go to Hirsch College together and Danny delves even deeper into psychology as his major.

David Malter, orthodox but not Hasidic, provides an example of an equally pious yet more open-minded father figure, yet he also nearly works himself to death because of a fanatical obsession with Zionism the founding of a Jewish state in Palestine.

On the last page, Danny and Reuven shake hands, knowing that they will always be best friends, and Danny then leaves to start his new life as a psychologist. He earned a Ph. Eventually, Danny talks to his professor, Nathan Appleman, who tells him that he should attempt a doctorate in psychology.

Reb Saunders tells Reuven, while Danny is still in the room, that he knows that Danny wants to become a psychologist. The school arrives and it is apparent that the only kid on the other team that can play well is Danny Saunders, the son of one of the many ultra-orthodox rabbis in the area.Jul 20,  · Buy a cheap copy of The Chosen book by Chaim Potok.

Few stories offer more warmth, wisdom, or generosity than this tale of two boys, their fathers, their friendship, and the chaotic times in which they live. Though Free shipping over $/5(6). The predicament of Danny Saunders lies at the core of Potok's The Chosen: Should Danny remain in the very ethnic world of the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jews, The Chosen Chaim Potok.

BUY SHARE. BUY! Home; Literature Notes; The Chosen; And when the Reb then asks him if he will continue to observe Hasidic customs, Danny again nods. In The Chosen, Danny Saunders, a young Hasidic Jew, struggles to free himself from his inherited position as eventual leader of a religious sect whose views and customs he cannot uphold.

The Chosen

Because Hasidic traditions carry great spiritual. Excerpted with permission from Reel Jewish (Jonathan David Publishers, Inc.). To the uninitiated, the worlds of ultra-religious Hasidic and modern Orthodox Jews might seem close enough to be one.

But to the Jews in The Chosen, based on the novel by Chaim Potok, they are indeed worlds apart. The The Chosen by Chaim Potok.

Home / Literature / The Chosen / Reb Saunders and David Malter both react with extreme passion to the news that six million Jews have died. The Reb is in deep mourning and David has a heart attack, which causes Reuven to move in with Danny for a while.

When David gets out of the hospital, he starts fighting for a. Reuven Malter, the narrator, starts The Chosen by describing his native Williamsburg: a neighborhood of Orthodox and Hasidic Jews, who almost never mix or interact.

After establishing the setting, the action begins with a softball game. Reuven’s team is playing a Hasidic team on which Danny.

The strange customs of the jews in the chosen by chaim potok
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