The investigation of the double murder

Although much evidence was collected, all these were the most incriminating and may lead to the prosecution of O. In the new, state-of-the-art autopsy suite at the Office of the Chief Coroner in north Toronto, natural light filters through frosted glass and the scene looks like a high-tech set for a modern medical drama.

Arrest warrants describe a brutal death with Autry and another man both shot and stabbed before the car was set on fire. Saturday, the day after the bodies were discovered, autopsies were conducted at the Office of the Chief Coroner in north Toronto.

It was then that police were called to the home and evidence started to be collected. Both Shermans went to their home on Old Colony Rd. They forced their way inside and found the victim, who said Faile held her down around the neck and prevented her escape. His mother said he was not into drugs.

Because of the amounts of incredible evidence and testimonies we have collected against him.

Neighbors demand answers following double murder in Waterloo

It proves the anger O. When we arrived, Simpson was gone, him and his friend, A. William Tatum Tatum pleaded guilty to unlawful carrying of a pistol and possession of marijuana in According to neighbors, the usually quiet neighborhood was not so quiet the night of the murders.

Michael Pollanen, would discuss the case with the Star, citing provincial privacy rules. However, we have no leads or evidence on this possibility at this time. Officers knocked on the door for 10 minutes, at which point Faile answered and said they had the wrong house. The physical evidence involved in the case included the hair evidence we found.

Simpson is the main suspect and is most likely guilty of murder. Police were en route by He got into a getaway car and fled the scene.

The photos displayed by Dr. Sources say Pickup saw indications that it might be a case of double murder. Jimmy Richardson, 15th Judicial Circuit Solicitor, described the murder as a drug-related killing.

July 31, That evening, as condolences poured in from around the world and the media continued to descend on the normally quiet neighbourhood, statements were made by police that would upset the Sherman family.

Chiasson, had concluded it was a case of double murder. However, Pickup did not make that ruling. The next batch of search warrants and production orders filed by police, on Feb.

This is what we know about victims, suspects in Socastee double-murder case | Myrtle Beach Sun News

Several hairs were found on Ronald Goldman, these were consistent with O. When officers searched the vehicle, they saw a tan substance, which tested posted for.

Guntersville double murder investigation ongoing

The investigation of the murders was also conducted by a private investigator Bill Dear, he claims O. According to that arrest warrant, on Aug. Honey left Apotex first, before 5 p.

Brandon Price of the homicide squad. Pickup also showed the positioning of the bodies near the pool. Witnesses say around 8:On Friday, Jan. 19, the Toronto Star published an investigative report revealing that the private investigation team, including Dr.

Chiasson, had concluded it was a case of double murder. The following Monday, the Toronto police homicide squad interviewed Dr. Chiasson. "During the investigation into the double homicide that took place at this location last February, information was obtained that necessitates a further search of the property," officials said in a.

HUGHES COUNTY, Okla. – An investigation is underway after a man and woman were found murdered at their home in Hughes County. Early Saturday morning, officials with Hughes County requested assistance from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to investigating a double murder.

Police gave an update to the investigation on Saturday, identifying the two homicide victims as year-old Marie Kitchens Martin and 7-year-old Colton Ryan Lee, Martin's great-grandson. Lee was reportedly visiting Martin from Huntsville.

SALEM TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Gunfire led to a death investigation at a home in Wayne County. According to state police, this all boils to a double murder-suicide. Three people are dead, including the gunman.

Troopers say the shooter is William Rowen, An investigation is underway after a man and woman were found murdered at their home in Hughes County. OSBI Investigating Double Murder In Hughes County - News On .

The investigation of the double murder
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