The causes of pollution essay

Most of the air pollution is carried out by the public transportation on daily basis. When you try to study the sources of Air pollution, you enlist a series of activities and interactions that create these pollutants.

Our environment and we, both are incomplete without the helps of each other. But, there surely cannot be any radical solution, for the existing factories cannot be bodily lifted to a place far from the populated zone.

Clean energy technologies like solarwind and geothermal are on high these days. Solutions for Air Pollution 1. James I guess other students need to know that your company is very professional and efficient in terms of academic writing services.

What is Pollution?

For The causes of pollution The causes of pollution essay good health we need fresh and pure air to inhale, unpolluted food to eat, no noise pollution and unpolluted water to drink however all are not possible now. For instance, dye making factories are known to cause pollution no matter how they follow the norms of the government.

I am very lucky to have your support. In areas affected most by air pollution children commonly suffer from pneumonia and asthma. It seems that, after some decades here would be no man, no plants, no animals and no life. The sun is wonderful, but the only reason we are able to survive on this planet so close to the sun is due to the fact of natural shielding against solar radiation.

Pollution is the addition of any foreign or poisonous substances into the environment at very fast rate than the environment natural accommodation. Pollution Essay 12 words Environment pollution is the mixing of harmful pollutants into the environment causing disturbance to the natural processes and cycles.

Our teachers are very strict and they do not tolerate any instances of late submission. Similarly, Noise pollution leads to hearing loss, stress and sleep disturbance. It again calls many problems and natural calamities like melting glaciers, flood, increasing water level in sea and ocean, and finally destruction of humanity from this planet.

Dwain I was constantly writing messages to my writer because I was very nervous about my research project. It leads to the destruction of the ozone layer which is responsible for protecting living things from extreme heat from the sun.

Excessive burning of fuel which is a necessity of our daily lives for cooking, driving and other industrial activities; releases a huge amount of chemical substances in the air everyday; these pollute the air.

As a result of human activities, chemicals, such as chlorofluorocarbons CFCswere released int to the atmosphere which contributed to the depletion of ozone layer.

I did not face late submission and got a good grade. This all seems like a fairly bleak outlook for the planet and all the creatures on it. Industrial mining of the minerals is considered as one of the primary causes of pollution. Emphasis on clean energy resources: Rapid urbanization and industrialization: Then I decided to look further and found your writing service.

Even our flora and fauna were found to be threatened with extinction. These rays stimulate the growth of algae, which rapped small fishes and may also kill them. Now that solar radiation is at a climactic peak, we can reap power from the sun using solar panel systems. In the recent years the rate of pollution is increasing very sharply because of the industrialized waste material mixing out directly into the soil, air and water.

Cause and Effect Essay on Pollution

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This problem is becoming worse day by day because of the new technologies growth and development. Please read the article on different types of pollution to know more about it.Suspended particulate matter popular by its acronym SPM, is another cause of pollution.

Referring to the particles afloat in the air, SPM is usually caused by dust, combustion etc. Effects of Air pollution. 1.

Essay on Environmental Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solution

Respiratory and heart problems: The effects of Air pollution are alarming. They are known to create several respiratory and heart conditions along. The Causes of Pollution Essay Sample. Pollution is the release of harmful environmental contaminants.

The main air pollutants are carbon monoxide, lead oxides, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The environmental pollution essays may take the form of description of different types of pollution such as ground, water, air and soil among others.

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Get started now! The essay may also describe the causes of the pollution problems. Each paragraph, then, will be dedicated to one of the five main causes: industrial and technological development, transportation, agricultural activities. Essay on Environmental Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solution Category: Blog, Environment On February 5, By Ankita Mitra Environmental pollution refers to the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment.

The causes of pollution essay
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