Swot analysis and gatorade

The sports drink industry, overall, has been struggling. It does not generally advertise on the television or the social media. Since energy drinks are directly competing with Gatorade, it can develop a new product that gives the same level of energy as an Energy drink but still is considered healthy and does not dehydrate or tire out the consumer.

Gatorade showed a strong growth up tillafter which its sales volume started declining. It will have an increased sports affiliation Mass, Gatorade has a strong loyal customer base that follows its advertisements and remains loyal to the brand as they do not switch to other drinks.

Thus, they are a potential threat for Gatorade and the sports drink industry. This hinders the brand name as it causes confusion for the customers.

Forbes most powerful brand puts it in the 86th position. They are more appealing to the customer base and attracting the youth. Gatorade can make use of the PepsiCo.

Gatorade SWOT Analysis

It keeps a low profile. Energy drinks are capturing market share from the sports drinks industry. Gatorade mainly focuses on sports related promotions.

Currently, PepsiCo manufactures Gatorade and the drink is distributed to over eighty countries. They need to focus more of their marketing efforts on this issue.

Thus, it is preferred by athletes. This reduces growth and chances for expansion. The direct competitors of Gatorade are Vitamin Water and Lucozade. The brand does a minimum effort to highlight the health benefits of the drink. Its new products are also welcomed by this customer base Novak, We will write a custom essay sample on Swot Analysis and Gatorade specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Following is the SWOT analysis of the Gatorade: Strengths • Brand Value: Gatorade is worth $ billion as a brand.

Gatorade SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Forbes most powerful brand puts it in the 86th position. Currently, PepsiCo manufactures Gatorade and the drink is distributed to over eighty countries.

Gatorade holds 46% of the market share in the. Keywords: gatorade swot, marketing mix gatorade, pest analysis gatorade pepsico In order to satisfy unfulfilled customers the marketing managers have to know the capabilities and the environment including external environment and internal environment in which it is operating.

A Complete Situation Analysis for Gatorade A Steven Novak Creation Table of Contents The Creation of Gatorade Product Features Current Branding Strategy Demographic Competition SWOT Analysis SWOT Continued Marketing Objectives Marketing Objectives Continued Citations p.

1 p. 2 p. 3 p. 4 p. 5 p. 6 p. 7 p. 8 p. 9 p. One of the worlds best known brands in sports is Gatorade. Gatorade is known to keep sportsmen hydrated and energized. Here's SWOT analysis of Gatorade. As they are the market leaders in this category they have created a high entry barrier in this product segment.

This allows them to. Teddy Richardson APSM 11/16/13 Gatorade SWOT Analysis: “First in Thirst” Gatorade was first introduced to the sports world in What started simply.

Swot analysis and gatorade
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