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33 Police Apps for Law Enforcement Officers & Future Crime Fighters

Rarely, if ever, are we explicitly told prior to reviewing a product that we do not need to return it. User reviews suggest the app is very useful for forensic, law and law enforcement coursework. History The site was founded in December by Artem Russakovskii - an avid Android supporter, software developer, sysadmin, and fan.

10 Top Law Enforcement Apps

Ping us using the Contact page. It provides a compass, metal detector, sound meter, ruler, measuring tape, flashlight and magnifier. You can locate crime trends with the GPS mapping feature and capture video evidence and taped statements with the convenient built-in recorder with a Miranda warning tab.

Android and iOS iPatrol Computer Projects of Illinois CPI developed the iPatrol enterprise app to allow officers to perform information queries from the field without contacting dispatch. Head over to the Contact page for all the contact options your heart desires. All sketches can be shared, scaled, saved and printed.

Excellent English is absolutely essential to be considered. The app makes it simple to enter all pertinent ID information directly into the phone.

Crime tips will immediately alert local law enforcement. The detailed report shows all pictures and notes as well as a map of the location. It went live on March 23rd, You can then easily share the cases you collect via e-mail or directly through iTunes for the iOS version. You can add, remove, or move days around to create a rotating schedule.

You can modify the schedule to make any type of repeating day schedule. It requires an internet connection as the PDF guides can be quite big. Seek legal guidance before using this one, as your notes may be considered exculpatory evidence and subject to discovery by a defense attorney.

A data connection is re-established automatically once a signal is available.Nov 06,  · If your community has not opted to use MyPD than you should not expect to find them on the app) Local, State, and College Police Departments as well as other law enforcement agencies are using this app to provide you with better service and improve communication.

Please report any bugs to [email protected] This app is not for /5(). Features 10 Top Law Enforcement Apps These apps for Apple and Android devices make patrol work more efficient and enhance investigations.

Android Police

The FIELD INVESTIGATOR (FI) app saves manhours in many significant ways. It eliminates the need for laborious and time consuming report writing by allowin.

PoliceOne releases police iPhone application for iPhone and iPod. Police resources and current news iPod and iphone applications. Report Writing Software Police iPhone Apps. Discover the top best crime map apps for android free and paid. Top android apps for crime map in AppCrawlr! Android. Android; iOS; Discover by.

Audience ; Objective ; Categories ; Android iOS. Best Android apps for: "crime map" Best Crime Map apps for iOS Filter by: Free current location "The Rock Hill Police Department Citizen App. Features 10 Great LE Mobile Apps You can do anything from writing reports to tracking a suspect from your smartphone or tablet if you have the right app.

Police report writing apps for android
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