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Historians have commented on her reluctance to write about slavery. Inshe wrote a letter repudiating slavery, which was reprinted and distributed throughout New England.

In she married John Peters, a free black man, and had several children. This accomplishment made it evident that slaves were equally as intelligent if not more than their slave owners and perfectly capable of understanding any concept. Phillis married to John Peters, who was highly articulate like her.

Biographical Information Believed to have been born in West Africa, Wheatley was purchased at a slave Phillis wheatley thesis in by the wife of a wealthy Boston merchant. Peters, to have practiced law perhaps as a free-lance advocate for hapless blackskept a grocery in Court Street, exchanged trade as a baker and a barber, and applied for a liquor license for a bar.

He is purported in various historical records to have called himself Dr. When color mattered so much, and was the determining and dominating factor as to how one was perceived, Phillis Wheatley did not let hers hold her back.

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However, some of her poems that were to be published in that volume were later published in pamphlets and newspapers. She was well received in London and wrote to a friend of the "unexpected and unmerited civility and complaisance with which I was treated by all.

She proved to White America that African Americans, if given the opportunity, are capable of not only learning the art of reading and writing, but of mastering it and becoming famous and successful while doing it. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

She went to work as a scullery maid at a boarding house to support them, a kind of domestic labor that she had not been accustomed to, even before becoming a free person.

Her desire for learning increased and the quest for knowledge became embedded in her spirit, mind, and soul.

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And in an outspoken letter to the Reverend Samson Occom, written after Wheatley was free and published repeatedly in Boston newspapers inshe equates American slaveholding to that of pagan Egypt in ancient times: In Wheatley wrote a poetic tribute to the evangelist George Whitefieldwhich received widespread acclaim.

She was thirty-one years old. Her literature let the world know that she was a poet. Many biographers have pointed to her precocity; Wheatley learned to read and write English by the age of nine, and she became familiar with Latin, Greek, the Bible, and selected classics at an early age.

Her contributions to American literature concerning the war and slavery have made it evident that she has successfully represented the feelings of anger, frustration, and impatience of African Americans during that era.

When her owner died Wheatley was freed. Her exact birthplace is unknown; however it is assumed that she was born near Senegambia, a territory that today is divided between the nation of Senegal and Gambia.

It is unclear precisely when Wheatley was freed from slavery, although scholars suggest it occurred between and The conflicts of society inspired Phillis Wheatley to compose poems on the tragic events she witnessed.

Formalism Phillis Wheatley was the first black poet in America to publish a book. She solicited subscribers for a new volume that would include thirty-three new poems and thirteen letters, but was unable to raise the funds. Her poetry illustrates the humbleness, dedication, and perseverance that is characteristic of many African American women.

During this time, is was uncommon for slaves to be as literate and proficient in the English language or any other language, as Phillis Wheatley was.

Wheatley used poetry to escape to a world of imagination, but never neglected to reveal the factual plight of her people. These women embodied what all other African American women of that era did: The family fell into financial difficulties, Peters was jailed, and two of their children died.

The book includes many elegies as well as poems on Christian themes; it also includes poems dealing with race, such as the often-anthologized "On Being Brought from Africa to America.

However, she was first-most a slave, meaning she was to be prudent and obedient above all. Wheatley had to defend her authorship of her poetry in court in The rhyme scheme is ababcc.

InWashington invited Wheatley to visit him at his headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which she did in March She often spoke in explicit biblical language designed to move church members to decisive action.

Kidnapped by slave agents at the age of seven, young Phillis had to endure the struggle to America alone. People like Rosa Parks and Dr. Hammon saw Wheatley as having succumbed to what he believed were pagan influences in her writing, and so the "Address" consisted of twenty-one rhyming quatrains, each accompanied by a related Bible verse, that he thought would compel Wheatley to return to a Christian path in life.Phillis Wheatley (Peters) ?

American poet. Wheatley was the first black woman known to have published a book in the United States. Phillis Wheatley was the first black poet in America to publish a book.

She was born inin West Africa and brought to New England inwhere John Wheatley of Boston purchased her as a gift for his wife. - Phillis Wheatley was one of the most renowned poets of the eighteenth century and her poetry's was as good as the best America poetry of her age.

She was born in Gambia, Africa as a slave child and sold to John Wheatley in Boston on July 11, She was the first African-American to publish a book of imaginative writing and the first to. Phillis Wheatley, an African brought to America as a slave, became a published poet at the age of Read assessments of her literary contribution.

Phillis Wheatley acquired her last name from Susannah Wheatley–it was the norm during this time period for slave owners to give their slaves their last names. She was named Phillis ironically “after the ship that brought her to slavery” (Loggias, ). Download thesis statement on Phillis Wheatley in our database or order an original thesis paper that will be written by one of our staff writers and .

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