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Yet, no one has been able to established precisely when, where, why or how music originated. Ordinary people became uninterested with its beginning that for them it is a nonsense and worthless.

Ang and Yeoh organized this by preparing ten selection of ethnic-based Malaysian music and twenty selection of non ethnic related music consisting of ten popular music selections and ten western art music selections were used.

The only difference is their lyrics which are in the form of Korean. This particular research was conducted to determine if there is a connection between the exposure to foreign music in local FM stations and the attitude of fourth year USJ-R students toward OPM.

The respondents consist of ten male and ten female. Early Filipinos have a treasure of songs evoking friendship, victory, grief, and festivities. Retrieved December 7, from http: They Original pinoy music research paper to be updated to the new music releases and to what is the trending or top songs of the month by being informed while surfing in the internet, watching television, and listening to the radio.

Music as well has been influenced. Its early history started by our ancestors but in different usage and evidently, Filipinos are musical people.

Retrieved November 27, from http: This popular music originated in America in the year Yudkin, There are factors that the researchers thought as the possible reason for teenagers to idolize or choose music and these are as follows; the beat, the tune, the lyrics, the way the artist perform, and in some cases, the physical appearance of the artist.

Rhythm is the pattern of beats in a piece of music. Materials In determining what teenagers would prefer between OPM and foreign music, the researchers used survey questionnaires consisting of fifteen questions answered by twenty respondents that will serves as their material for the research.

The foreign music has a wide range. According to Greeks 20th centurythe beginning of music can be solved by thought where ancient people make up chants of religion, war, love and death through direct organization of words with the combination of body movements. People are making a fuss and statements are made that the Artists that they see on television or hear on the radio are not singing OPM and artists are singing covers of foreign songs.

There are still many known groups and artists that contributed to the success of the Korean Pop Music such as the Super Junior and Shinee group. Popular music has three of the most important elements and these are language, beat and tune. United States of America.

In short, most of the teenagers always listen to foreign songs in their playlist. Malm said that early in the history back to the time where Philippines was colonized, the Filipino music traditions were mixed with Spanish-type of music which was distributed into the country.

It is the speech of angels that are the exemplications of goodness, uprightness, and everything that bespeaks of morality.

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After that, the researchers will analyze the data in the survey questionnaires and will discuss the results. On one hand, twelve out of the fifteen questions are answered by choosing one from two to three choices and on the other hand, the three remaining questions are open ended questions.

However, there is still five percentages that are really not fond of listening to music during his free time. But as time pass by, its implication and origin have brought sensation to their lives.

A study by Fritzie Joy J. This would serve as guiding principles in this latest study. Brown Publishers Yudkin, J. The Korean Pop Invasion. The Understanding of Music sixth edition: Some says that OPM; or local music, is now dead and foreign music are now invading the Filipino listeners but there are still people who says that local music are still within the Filipinos.

This has evolved from the native type of music to the modern kind of music in which most of the teenagers at present seems to like and appreciate. K-pop music is just similar to western music.

Now, the OPM of today is any music and in any genre e.

Other group includes SS, a male group that become famous after the inclusion of some of their songs in the soundtrack of the popular Boys Over Flowers and having their member Kim Hyun Jung. Eaglewood Cliffs, New Jersey Because of that, teens are always getting song to add on their playlists.

Proofs of it are the movie and drama adaptations form other countries.The New Anvil Guide To Research Paper Writing. Category: Reference: Publisher: Anvil Publishing: Author This allows you to move gradually towards the culminating task of the research paper, and at the same time, allows your teachers to monitor your progress each step of the way.

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Essay on Gender and Music Preference; Essay on Gender and Music Preference (Original Pilipino Music)? CHAPTER IV RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This particular research study aims to determine the Pinoy Youth’s Preference for Korean Pop Music and how does it affect their taste for Original Pilipino Music (OPM).

Length Research Paper The. Conferred with the National Artist Award for Music inhis contributions have indeed made a mark in defining the “Filipino-ness” in music.

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With the onset of the Original Pilipino Music in the 70’s, Lucio San Pedro’s works have imparted a great amount of influence to the artists that soon followed suit.

"Original Pinoy Music Research Paper" Essays and Research Papers Original Pinoy Music Research Paper Music Affects Mood Mary Beth Kelly Music Professor Cloer April, Music is any form.

There are 4 factors that the researchers consider. These are the respondents’ outlook towards the performers of the Korean Pop Music and Original Pilipino Music, the rhythm of music that K-pop and OPM music brings, as well as music’s composition and the message being delivered by.

Research Paper in English. Uploaded by aj_iamtough. Related Interests. Survey Methodology; A Research Paper On Teenage Music Genre: OPM or Foreign Local music is what we call OPM or Original Pinoy Music that are being sung by our local artist.

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