My ambition in life essay in english

Ambition is a great incentive to work. Still my imaginations refuse to accept this as a mere wishful thinking. I love helping people and providing free education. It is one of the noblest profession. Hospitals are being opened for this purpose.

He is master of his luck. He cannot be mislead by other temptations. Ambition and luck are both arch-enemies and best of friends. Greatness in teaching is just as rare as greatness in medicine, dance, law, or any other profession.

This work is tiring. I shall never be on the lookout for fresh cases. I am a human being. Being in the army is an honour and pride and I am proud of myself to say that I would like to join the army and serve the country.

Ambition is a pain in the neck! I have spent hours and hours together to remove the cause of their sorrow. Through those great ancient Egyptian wars, through Persia, through Hastings, through Waterloo, through the native American, greedy colonist battles, through the world-wars, through the Balkans, and through every other great conflict that has ever existed each party was blessed by pure and passionate ambition…ambition to win at whatever cost necessary.

Some may want to be social servants, while others to be into arts and crafts and so on. I have taken up science and hygiene as optional subjects.

He lives from hand to mouth. I do not want to collect any wealth for myself. My Ambition My Ambition: His health does not fail him.

I would love myself to be an army officer. His eyes are always on his ultimate goal. It would be just passing of time.

Short Paragraph on My Ambition of Life (350 Words)

It is for this very purpose that I want to carry out some research in the domain of medicine. I started thinking that those who get noble prizes are also human beings. But serving the nations and its people is my dream. This is really degrading. Some aim at wealth, some at power, some at fame, some at business and some at education and knowledge.

Teaching is a very noble profession. I am too modest a young man to aim at any of these things. I wish to serve my country with best of my talent. Some want to be rich. The people who want success in life, first of all, determine their target.Home» Languages» English (Sr.

Secondary)» Essay on “Ambition of my life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Essay No. 01. Everybody has an aim in life. Aim or ambition gives us a sense of direction in life.

My aim in life is to become a doctor.A doctor lives a noble life.A doctor is someone who can help someone else in need. An ambition is an incentive to aperson to work hard and to archieve success in life.

Robert Browning, a fomous poet, says “The aim, if reached or not, makes great the life”. My ambition in life is to become a great scientist. A scientist has nothing else to think except how he should use science for the benefit of mankind. Even during my childhood, I used to think of many problems concerning science.

My Ambition in Life Essay. Everyone has their own ambition in life.

Essay on My Ambition in Life for Students & Kids

The ambition leads us to a definite aim in life, which helps us to be more focused towards the goal. Short Paragraph on My Ambition of Life ( Words) Article Shared By. Here is your short paragraph on My Ambition of Life! Almost every individual would have an ambition in life.

Ambition leads us to a definite aim in life, which would enable us to be more focused and help us to strive to reach that goal we have in our selves.

My ambition in life essay in english
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