Marketing philosophy essay

The selling concept, which focuses on volume of sales to reach a profit, where companies aggressively promote their products to sell them reaching out to everyone they can and lastly the societal marketing concept; this concept has the well being of the society as its core focus.

It entails thorough market research and a very detailed approach from the organization applying it, however, if applied correctly leads to phenomenal customer satisfaction and in turn an excellent reputation and revenue for the organization.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It assumes that a firm can achieve its objective of maximizing profit in the long run only by identifying and satisfying the need of present and prospective buyers in an effective way. No to plastic bags, recycled paper.

Essentially organizations want to be successful and turn over profits and through the marketing concept, the aim is to turn over profits through customer satisfaction.

The main aim of selling is to convert the goods into cash by using fair or unfair means. How best can we deliver a value proposition? The Social Marketing Concept: Therefore, the firms must perform the functions of marketing keeping in view the social welfare. Some companies concentrate on the large scale production while some concentrate only on the quality of the product etc.

What is the target market? There are four other concepts that focus on alternative theories of how to reach success such as; the production concept, which is more about operations, i. The marketing concept has been criticized by some of the people because of the challenges posed by social problems like environmental pollution, deforestation, population explosion, inflation etc.

But the buyers cannot be manipulated every time; hence selling can be successful only for short period but not during long period. What are the needs, wants, and demands of the target market? Accordingly, marketing should aim at the reduction in the cost of production and concentrate on mass production and distribution.

All marketing decisions made by a company should be made with always thinking of the customers.

Marketing concept and philosophy Essay Sample

For example, fleet shoes. As we know, every company has different idea regarding philosophy of marketing. The aim of every organization should be to create a brand presence whereby an organizations target market prefers them over their competitors.Read this essay on Marketing Philosophy and Strategy.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Today, the marketing concept and philosophy stands as a formula for doing business and many believe it is a prescription for success.

It aims to satisfy customers by guiding the organization to meet the customers’ needs and wants. Principles of Marketing Assignment 1- Essay Submitted To: Ashraf U Bhuiyan Submitted By: Afif Abdul Fattah ID# [pic] In the modern world, marketers want to build a customer driven marketing strategy for creating lasting customer relationships.

Marketing is a business philosophy, the process responsible for anticipating, identifying and satisfying customer current and future needs. The marketing philosophy developed out of the need by producer manufacturers, whose focus was on efficient production, to compete more effectively in their markets.

Marketing Philosophy of Nestle Words | 9 Pages. Marketing Marketing considers a given companies ability to satisfy the needs of a its targeted customers within a market which in return helps the company achieve its aims and objectives which are outlined in a mission statement. Marketing concept and philosophy Essay Sample.

Marketing Management Philosophies (5 Concepts)

The concept of marketing is a philosophy whereby organizations focus should be on the wants and needs of their customers/target market and also in striving to achieve and deliver goods and service that are of higher standard than their competitors.

Marketing philosophy essay
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