Integrated logistics for dep gard

It is crucial for firms to implement information technology in their supply chain management, as this could add more value to the firms by cutting down costs and improving efficiency. Therefore, it would be considerably easier to reduce the time lags with company two than with company one.

The firm should work on a control to reduce the time lag between ordering and supplies. I would sell to Binish after implementation of the information technology infrastructure through considerable time cuts in the delivery process.

I would do this through incorporating information technology in the delivery and ordering processes.

Integrated Logistics for DEP GARD - Case Study Example

The maximum cycles are too long and may see the firm lose competitiveness in the marketplace. This suggests that supply chain management should be time based.

Case Study 1: Integrated Logistics for DEP/GARD

For DEP primary supplier, the minimum performance cycle is two days for compound B, the minimum for compound A is three days. The qualifying criteria for the bid would be in terms of the minimum time taken to deliver supplies to the manufacture. This means that there will be a shorter time lapse between the reception of an order and its delivery to the customer.

For example, it could introduce information technology, which would make the process faster and more efficient.

Integrated Logistics for Dep/ Gard

The maximum times of the company two six and for days for compound A Integrated logistics for dep gard B respectively. This can only be through reduction of time between ordering and delivery. For example, there could be delays in delivery of customer orders or even delays in reception of purchases by a manufacturing firm.

ICT would reduce lag times in operations, for example, through faster communication. Conclusion The supply chain should be streamlined in line with the goal of customer satisfaction. However, the delivery process does not add value because it takes three to six days when the goods leave the manufacturer until shipment to the customer.

This represents a five day service window for the firm; however, there are plans to reduce the service window from five to three days. The problem that lies ahead in the implementation of this change is the cost constraint.

After implementation of IT, the time will be relatively short, and this will ensure that DEP wins the bid.

The maximum cycles are nine and eight days for compound B and Compound B respectively. Shorter times could considerably improve the reliability of the firm to customers and consequently win more of their loyalty.

Consequently, the reliability of the firm to the customers will improve. There could be an improvement in the performance cycle using the fifteen and twenty five supplies. These cycles are the best for both commodities. It places the firm at an adverse relationship with its customers because there will always be delays in processing orders.

It would also bring more efficiency and accuracy and would considerably reduce the costs of operations. Trade offs that must occur to use the second and third suppliers is the substitution to company ones supplies with those of supplier two and three; there could be comprise for this, for example, in terms of quality.

It is, therefore, imperative for firms to streamline its ordering and customer deliveries in line with customer satisfaction and also for efficiency.

Analysis and answers to questions GARD schedules delivery after ten days of order. Also if, the procurement process of a firm experiences delays, this could add costs to the firm. This time lapse could be made shorter to realize substantial value in the delivery process. This time is significantly much long, and it does not add value to the firms manufacturing operations.

Information technology changes over time, therefore, the IT infrastructure should be modified with time to avoid obsolescence.Free Essay: Integrated Logistics for DEP/GARD Case Study -Tin Yeung Ma -2/27/ Tom Lippet, sales representative for DEP, feels the challenge when the. View Essay - Case Study 1 - Logistics from MGT at Saint Leo University.

Case Study 1: Integrated Logistics for DEP/GARD Bobby Norton Saint Leo University Abstract The winds of change brings about95%(39).

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Overview: Guard automotives manufacturing (GARD) is one of the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) for US automakers basically producing variety of plastic.

Integrated Logistics for DEP/GARD Cindy Jo Allen BUSA Case Background Relationship based on trust There's a new sheriff in town New Performance Criteria Service window & capability DuPont Engineering Polymers (DEP) Value Analysis & Supplier Performance Current: % in 5-day window. Case Study “Integrated Logistics for DEP/ GARD” Case Study “Integrated logistics for DEP/ GARD” Major Facts.

Currently Guard Automotive Manufacturing (GARD) schedules delivery 10 days from date of order (Bowersox,, )/5(1).

Integrated logistics for dep gard
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