If i were a millionaire (short essay)

I shall visit my school—my Alma mater where I received my first lessons. As a poor man, I have often experienced that Rich men are generally selfish to the extent of being cruel. A man is said to be a social animal.

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I have my own ideas about how money should be spent. It is a pity that in our country wealthy persons do not possess charitable qualities.

I need to work hard and study well to make my dreams come true. My children would be educated in the best educational institutions and I would also keep enough provision for their higher studies and any other pursuits of their interest.

I am a shopaholic. I shall open up schools in villages. In my village also I will open one High school and college for imparting proper education.

Having settled down, I would start a chain of newspapers under my general supervision. I would work hard at my lessons, but, if necessary, I would employ one or more private tutors to help me with my studies along with English and Malay.

I can never think of earning billions of rupees. Wealth attracts and makes one honorable. Having returned home after about ten year abroad, I would put up a new house and get married. Start-ford-on-Avon, where Shakespeare was born, and the Lake District, where Wordsworth lived and wrote, would definitely be among the places I should visit.

It will be a factory in which workers would enjoy a sort of ownership. Having completed my education in Malaysia I would go on a world tour.

This would thus keep on increasing by means of interest given in banks. Thus, the cycle of doubling on the one hand, and using interest on the other, my projects of social welfare would continue to go on uninterrupted.

I would like to enjoy the fruits of money but I would always remain sensitive and sympathetic to the agony of those who are less fortunate. After this single trip, I would not waste any amount of money, small or big in any other merry making but, some amount would be spent every year to take my family on an annual holiday.

Short Paragraph on “If I were a Millionaire”

Would you buy a new house, or your dream car? This pleasure is far more satisfying than those which we buy with money. I would visit all the large cities and centers of industry in North America, including Washington, New York and Ottawa.

I will do enough shopping for myself and my friends and other family members. There is much which needs to be fulfilled.

Write a Short Essay on If You Were a Millionaire

A visit to the Niagara Falls would not be missed at any cost. So if i become rich, the first thing I want to do is to support my parents so that they can take some rest. Money has been the greatest attraction for the people for ages. They live a luxurious life.

But still much remain to be done. I wish I were a millionaire! I dream to become a millionaire. But being a millionaire is only a part of my desire. I am immensely attracted towards the electronic gadgets. I will also prepare a corpus fund from which scholarship and financial help can be extended to the poor deserving meritorious students.

If I Were A Millionaire

I will start some scholarships for the students who are brilliant in education but lack behind due to shortage of money. Besides all this, I have one ambition that of taking a world trip just once so, if was a billionaire I would try to fulfil this ambition of mine also, as this cannot be done without so much of money.

I long to lead some days in comfort. I would open schools for them where the children could learn I would help them to be so independent that they can find fruitful employment for themselves.

Even though these things are immensely attractive, if I were a millionaire, I would invest it in education. Essay on If I were a Millionaire Article shared by I am a poor boy and have very little chance of handling huge amount of money but if a miracle happens and I find myself in possession of million rupees, I shall hardly know what to do with it.

Rather I would join a good school and get the best education.Write a Short Essay on If You Were a Millionaire. Article shared by. It is true that miracles do occur in man’s life.

If I were a millionaire...

If I become a million­aire by the blessings of Almighty, my dreams will become true. Write a Short Essay on If You Were the Prime Minister of India. Everyone have dreams andand every dream is unlike with each others. Some of them want to be a teacher, and slightly of them want to be an astronaut, but for.

Home Essays if i were a millionaire short. if i were a millionaire short. Topics: Need, sample essay on If I Were a Millionaire. Money has been the greatest attraction for the people for ages.

Essay on If I were a Millionaire

How much wealth and property we may have, we are never satiate. So if I were a millionaire, I would look to change the lives of countless youth through the power of education, and hopefully help create a sustainable, healthier, happier future for their community.

If used well, money is great, and can provide people with the material resources they need to make a difference. If I Were A Millionaire. If I Were A Millionaire: If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride. But sometimes dream come true. I am poor in life and my wishes are hopelessly small.

If I were a millionaire, I would have probably solved the most complicated problem of my life first. I don’t know, but sometimes I think money can be an answer to too many basic life complications. If I were a millionaire, I would have taken my mother for a world tour.

If i were a millionaire (short essay)
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