Food globalization in china essay

However, globalization does not always pose equal benefits and risks to all nations. Some view globalization as the means to create a form of world government or a union of governments, for example within the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which helps to regulate the relationships between different countries and provide guarantees for the rights of peoples affected by the increase of economic and social globalization.

Charles E Hurst It will take great political skill from fundamentally opposed ideologies to avoid serious resentment and possible conflict as a consequence of such a drastic shift in the balance of power.

As a result of the Food globalization in china essay and political benefits brought by globalization, people have increased their standard of living and enjoy foreign products and ideas. It seems that people who know little about globalization are out of date and lag far behind modern trends.

Effects of Globalization in China

Simon Jeffery asserts that globalization is the mixing of cultural and economic influences from around the world that has been going on for the last five hundred years. Diane Perrons The most obvious impact of globalization is as an economic phenomenon, the promotion of free trade in goods, both exports and imports, accompanied by the exchange of labour and services.

Globalization might have the impetuous to resolve the complicated competition between China and other countries. The advent of globalization in its present form would not have been possible without adaptations in national politics.

Since the end of the Second World War the United States has held an overall position of supremacy amongst the other nations of the world, a position which is enhanced by the power and wealth of the American economy. China has an overwhelming advantage compared with most of the developing countries in terms of finance and the level of technology, culture and science but it is still the superpower countries and other developed capitalist countries which control the main situation of economic globalization in the world.

The association with other powers has encouraged the Chinese government to open up in all directions, by lowering tariffs, opening services to foreign competition, promoting exports and welcoming foreign trade the government has allowed a free exchange of ideas in all directions and helped China to become a more prosperous, strong, democratic and culturally advanced socialist country.

While globalization advocates an open face policy, many people see this as a threat leading to erroneous concepts and a lowering of ethical standards, a kind of selfish and individualistic lifestyle which is harmful. Alongside the other developments in globalization, there has been an increasing change to the original culture of China.

Modern developments in communication are widely available even in the remotest regions and many people want to acquire the equivalent of a westernized urban lifestyle.

China has a long history of trade, from the Han Dynasty onwards the Silk Road was the artery of communication which extended across continents as far as Rome itself, then the capital of a world empire.

However, throughout the Ming and Qing dynasties China pursued a policy of economic protectionism, leading to a long period of isolation that was brought to an abrupt end with the Opium Wars.

To sum up, from what has been discussed about globalization, how does this affect China and her position in the world? However, China should take some measures to protect both the national and local culture and consider adjusting the economic pace in the rush to catch up with other countries.

People migrating from other countries and holding different beliefs naturally find it difficult to adapt to local customs but China has a long history of absorbing whole populations with diverse ethnic backgrounds.

With the developing of the economy in China, the inequality between developing countries and developed countries has been increasing and the gaps between the very poor and the very rich are becoming wider. Effects of Globalization in China Effects of Globalization in China 11 November Globalization When it comes to globalization people will ask some questions.

George T Crane In recent years the extent to which globalization has been gaining in popularity has increased at an amazing rate in China. Globalization provides good conditions for expanding international exchanges and strengthening mutual communication between different countries.

On the other hand, those who are against this trend suggest that modern globalization creates an atmosphere where there is a possible danger of the original national culture disappearing and that it exerts a negative impact on the preservation of national characteristics.China has an overwhelming advantage compared with most of the developing countries in terms of finance and the level of technology, culture and science but it is still the superpower countries and other developed capitalist countries which control the main situation of economic globalization in the world.

Firstly, the main positive effect of globalization on china is, the labour costs and working environment. The labour cost in china is completely low all the time when compared to the rest of world. Most of the manufacturing companies all over the world targets china because of their labour costs.

The globalization benefits China in terms of economic growth and economic development. As China has lower their trade barrier internationally which leads to the increase in the international trade and foreign investment, this results in significant levels of economic growth and development.

Globalization of the Fast Food Industry Essay Words | 8 Pages. English Globalization of the Fast Food Industry Imagine a world where almost everyone is overweight, and cultural and family traditions do not exist. Food in China People all over the world eat many things.

In France snails are considered a delicacy and in the Middle East spicy dishes are not at all uncommon. Globalization has brought large foreign supermarket firms and fast food chains into China. All of these has resulted in lifestyle changes which include a shift from natural-homemade food and beverages consumed to processed ones, a higher consumption of foreign food, a driving dietary change, an increase intake of caloric sweeteners, a reduced food .

Food globalization in china essay
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