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Sample on Managing Financial Resources & Decision Making

However, to support the decision making organization requires financial information of net and gross profit of the enterprise that will assist in decision making. So that they can reduce their dependence on the external source of finance.

On the basis of information included in financial statements the liquidity, profitability, solvency performance of company can be assessed Guzman, It presents a fruitful sign for future investment and other decisions.

It also helps the managers to record the performance of the company and take all necessary decisions. With the help of available funds, they make decisions to carry their business to a greater extent.

Require to follow rules and regulation determined by the regulatory authority.

Finance for Strategic Managers

If loan will be raised at the floating interest rate. Opportunity cost is simply a benefit that company would receive if investment is made on other investment avenue.

On other hand, retained earnings are a second option that is available to the firm. These spell out on what is the most basic and essential step to solve a problem. But keeping the prices too low to increase market share may lead to reduction in profits of business by IKEA. The points below presents the financial information that is required to support strategical decision making.

Moreover, the financial statements are used to asses the financial health of company and are known to assess the financial performance of business in the market place through competitive analysis. The University of Dar es Salaam Library: On the other hand, reduction in working capital and selling of assets are short term source of finance.

The major source of financial information are accounting reports and financial statements. Optimising real estate financing.

Profitability ratios include net profit, gross profits and operating profit ratios that are helpful in assigning profitability of company on which basis management takes decision such as expansion, product development, innovation and research etc.

The long term source of finance are required to make investment decisions, on the other hand, short term financial resources are needed to make tactical business decisions.

On the basis of sales, the profit or loss of business is identified Funke, Apart from this in case of partnership business not only commercial transactions are recorded but those associated with partners are also undertaken.

Hence,firm bears less finance burden. Sales being one of the vital operational activities carry massive degree of risk as the trend and demand of people changes frequently. In this firm will need to make sure that best possible use of retained earnings is done by the firm. For the better management of cash flow in business, it is essential for the company to manage its inventory turnover period Weaver and Weston, In addition to that, short term financial resources are required to carry out day to day operations as well as long term financial sources are used for project investments.

Decision Making Levels Decision making is essential for any and every business.


The content included in financial statement supports the decision making of business. These are mainly the routine decisions of any company, take by junior or middle managers.

The major aim of using financial information is to identify financial efficiency of corporate entity as well as to make viable decisions. For this financial statements are required and by analyzing financial statements they find out a direction in which company is going.

These all information is needed to design future courses of actions Bull, Aspects of financial management are performed by most managers today, and it is important that managers be able to apply analytical techniques to their specific financial problems or decisions.

The first section of this assignment discusses the financial concepts associated with financial management. Sample on Managing Financial Resources & Decision Making INTRODUCTION Finance is one of the essential elements which facilitate execution of the business strategies and policies in the right direction.

Finance for Strategic Managers Introduction to Strategic Managers Strategic decision making is an integral part of business that allows managers to develop the strategies in a line with company's mission, vision as well as long and short term objectives. Financial decision making in any organisation is usually supported by a range of quantitative techniques that are presented to management in a variety of ways, whether these are basic techniques or more sophisticated techniques, the end objective is to help management make a more informed decision.

Essay on Business Decision Making.

Sample on Finance For Strategic Managers

Tasneem Shabbir Unit 6 Business Decision Making Project Report Table of Contents Information Processing Tools 3 Strategic, tactical and operational information 3 Examples of strategic, tactical and operational information relevant to a Banking sector 3 MIS and its relevance in an organization 4.

Future decision making – With the help of financial information, company can take future business decision regarding any operational activity such as procurement, promotions and making trade contacts with any other firm (Loayza, Levine and Beck, ). With the help of available funds, they make decisions to carry their business to a greater /5().

Financial decision making for managers assignment
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