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The current ratio has fallen below 2. Inventory, cost of good sold 3. Item 1 in the planning issues raises a concern about the viability of the Solar-Electro division, but not necessarily the entire company.

The conclusion in Part I of the case was that the likelihood of financial failure is low, even considering the issue with Solar-Electro.

The company is privately held, but there is a large amount of debt, therefore the financial statements will be used fairly extensively. Manufacturing equipment, footnote disclosures 4.

Item 7 in the planning phase indicates there is a debt covenant requiring a current ratio above 2. Pinnacle Manufacturing Part II a. The primary concern is the possibility of obsolete inventory, which affects the valuation of inventory at the lower of cost or market. It is possible that Item 6 in the planning phase, turnover of internal audit personnel, could be intentional and increases the risk of fraudulent financial reporting.

There is a potential related party transaction, which could affect the valuation of the transaction and may require disclosure as a related party transaction. Identif specific considerations from part I and II of the cas that affect your assessments of engagement risk and acceptable audit risk.

The solar power engine business revolves around constantly changing technology, thus making it inherently more risky than other businesses, with a better chance of subsequent bankruptcy.

No effect on inherent risk 2. Item 4 in the planning phase indicates plans for additional debt financing. Acceptable audit risk is likely to be medium to low because of the factors listed previously, especially the planned increase in financing and the potential violation of the debt covenant agreement.

This could result in the loan being called unless a waiver of the loan covenant is granted. Repairs and maintenance expense and accounts payable. No major issue exists that would cause the auditor to question management integrity, but the auditor should have done extensive client acceptance procedures before accepting the client.

Also, management is considering selling the Machine-Tech division, which has the potential to result in extensive use of the statements by the buyers. No effect on inherent risk 5. Some might prefer an even lower acceptable risk because it is a first year audit. Inherent risks are addressed by examining each of the 11 items in the planning phase.

Pinnacle Manufacturing Part II

Likelihood of financial difficulties:Decisions in Paradise, Part III Paper Hello, this is Nik again for the final time. I have defined the issues that appear, and discuss the forces that. Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario part III Essay - Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario part III One my say the core of any organization is the staff of team members.

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Decisions In Paradise Part 1 Essays and Research Papers. Decisions in Paradise Part III MGT August 15, Jessica Lowery Kavas. Decisions in Paradise: Part 1 The Island of Keva is in the South Pacific and is facing many unfortunate circumstances that have involved natural disasters.

This small island is in the dire need for some help and assistance from my organization for the children of. Essay on Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario part III Words | 5 Pages Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario part III One my say the core of any organization is the staff of team members.

Decisions in Paradise 2 Decisions in Paradise: Kava - part 3 The past two segments on Kava have discussed many different ideas and situations which the people of Kava have to face as well as Nik, Alex and Chris.

In the first part of this Kava journey Nik was new to the island of Kava and to this new job. Nik had to make a chose, whether to stay and .

Decisions in paradise part iii essay help
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