Concept of blasphemy in islam

Legal authorities agree that the conditions for blasphemy include adulthood, lack of duress, and being of sound mind, and it is immaterial whether the offender is a Muslim or not.

Instead, this verse points to the fact that this group was in fact able to believe and then disbelieve without any negative worldly consequences. Many consider it morally wrong to hurt the religious sensibilities of others, as it can disturb the peace and harmony of society and disrupt law and order, whilst others believe any form of censorship curtails necessary freedoms.

In in Indonesia, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama during his tenure as the governor of Jakartamade a controversial speech while introducing a government project at Thousand Islands in which he referenced a verse from the Quran.

Talk:Islam and blasphemy

In this case, if an apostate was killed, he would have been killed not for his apostasy, but for being part of an enemy force which was committing murder Concept of blasphemy in islam other war crimes. No one can be forced to remain a Muslim against his will. One of the "few known cases" was that of a Christian accused of insulting the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

Verily, those who annoy Allah and His Messenger—Allah has cursed them in this world and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them an abasing punishment. He further stipulated that no one who prays toward Mecca and repeats the Muslim confession of faith should be accused of infidelity, unless there is clear proof regarding a matter essential to the faith.

Inan Egyptian state prosecutor pressed charges against a former candidate for parliament, writer and poet Fatima Naoot, of blaspheming Islam when she posted a Facebook message which criticized the slaughter of animals during Eid, a major Islamic festival.

To avoid following a misguided use of sacred texts, religious believers should understand the context in which the texts appeared the first time. It is recorded in history that he took no action against those treacherous hypocrites who had deserted him in the Battle of Uhud; instead, he even consulted them in affairs of state.

Verse 51 of Al-Maidah should be read in line with them. Later works, which include several separate monographs on "words of infidelity," give even larger collections of examples, with special prominence for those remarks that give offense to religious scholars as a class. The death penalty is a last resort that most authorities try to avoid, especially if some element of accident or doubt is present.

Christian minorities minister Shahbaz Bhatti and Muslim politician Salmaan Taseer were both assassinated for advocating on her behalf and opposing the blasphemy laws. There are many problems with this view. An exception is made for female blasphemers, who are not to be executed but punished and encouraged to repent.

Based on its history, this verse should be proportionally understood in the context of Muslims asserting their religious identity at the time. Islam goes one step further than any other religion in granting man the freedom of speech and expression.

It ended in an acquittal inthough it was followed by a protest against a decision led by the famed and strict jurist Ibn Taymiyya. In other words, the dangerous effects of this law are not merely academic—they are all too real. He was full of the milk of human kindness and was not only kind towards his companions and followers, but was also instilled with unimaginable mercy and sympathy even for his enemies who were always prepared to inflict harm towards him.

Inthe Federal Shariah Court revised the law to declare that blasphemy was punishable only with death and that no lighter punishment could be awarded. The authority to punish blasphemers has not been delegated to anyone, not even to the Holy Prophet saw.

Islam and blasphemy

And it is by the great mercy of Allah that thou art kind towards them, and if thou hadst been rough and hard-hearted, they would surely have dispersed from around thee.In Islam, two of the best-known concepts related to blasphemy are apostasy and heresy. Apostasy, or riddah in Arabic, is the renunciation of belief.

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Islamic religious texts must be read in context to understand blasphemy

This is the talk page for "There is no concept of blasphemy in Islam as such but there are a number of specific situations where Islam has spoken about objectionable behaviour towards the. Blasphemy in Islam Blasphemy in Islam is any irreverent behaviour towards holy personages, religious artifacts, customs, and beliefs.

Hindutva Terrorism. Concept of Blasphemy in Islam Words | 11 Pages. Blasphemy in Islam Blasphemy in Islam is any irreverent behaviour towards holy personages, religious artifacts, customs, and beliefs.

Hindutva Terrorism Tuesday, February 01, Islam and Blasphemy Blasphemy in Islam is any irreverent behaviour towards holy personages, religious. blasphemy: islamic concept Offering insult (sabb) to God, to the prophet Mu ḥ ammad, or to any part of the divine revelation is a crime in Islamic religious law, fully comparable to blasphemy.

In the Christian tradition, blasphemy properly denotes mockery or. In Islam, blasphemy is a subject of intellectual discussion rather than a subject of physical punishment.

This concept is very clear in the Quran.


The Quran tells us that since ancient times God has sent prophets in succession to every town and ev.

Concept of blasphemy in islam
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