Comparative analysis of zara and topshop

The concentration of the market also influences rivalry amongst competitors. It has set up new records on the revenues and set new and innovative trends in the fashion industry. There is little differentiation in the clothing market and so there is limited power of suppliers in terms of the uniqueness of the product they supply.

Brand Management in Fashion Retail Market Brand management trends in international fashion market can be compared to that of domestic market and observed how much a brand needs to adapt towards the internationalised market and not losing its corporate identity. Ongoing training ensures that all employers especially, store personnel, can provide excellent customer service.

Introduction of the Research A lot of extensive research has been conducted on the multinational company Zara.

As we can see, it is a highly fierce and competitive market, and it is in such a context that Uniqlo has come knocking on the door and trying to make its own place in the room! How competitive forces shape strategy.

Topshop also have a wide variety of merchandise, with thousands of looks per season, their looks per season comes along with creative design concepts and fresh ideas every year, these strongly says that the trend awareness of Topshop is very high. Fast fashion was rendered possible thanks to mass production as opposed to ready-to-wear and couturewhich began in the early 20th century, involving fabric testing, pattern cutting, sizing and assembly.

Porters Analysis of Zara

For Zara, it is simple: This diagram outlines the determinants for each competitive source. Statement and Purpose of the Problem Therefore, the following research paper has been written in particular to analyze and study the role of research and development in success of Zara across the globe.

Zara vs. H&M vs. Forever 21: Comparing Fast Fashion Retailers

Topshop also have the opportunities to become the largest fashion store in other cities than London. Lastly, Topshop is part of arcadia, which is a group managing several successful brands. It is the role and effective of research that has made Zara the market leader.

Zara does not implement economies of scale; the company has evolved a unique alternative; all of the designing, manufacturing and distributing take place at a single plant.

Customer; the heart of the business. The distribution functions so that in store products are constantly renewed and replenished; each store, worldwide, receives new stock two times per week, including new designs.

Thus, before analyzing the role of research and development in its success, it is mandatoryLife With Data. Company analysis: Currently, Topshop owns more than stores in the UK including the iconic London flagship store in more than locations in the world.

The expansion to United States and South Africa is the proof of Topshop‘s objective, which is to make a global recognition of the brand and a mark on the international fashion style. Jul 22,  · Zara and Topshop almost have the same style and even prize. Although I think Zara is more expensive than Topshop on some of their products.

Although I think Zara is more expensive than Topshop on some of their products. A PESTEL Analysis of ZARA. Zara’s popularity has kept growing during the past few years.

It is one of the most known names in the world of fast fashion known for excellent designs and affordable prices.

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Company analysis: Currently, Topshop owns more than stores in the UK including the iconic London flagship store in H&M and Zara are the two competitors of which positioned products are similar to Topshop.

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Comparative analysis of zara and topshop
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