Attrition rates of the bpo industry in sri lanka


The total cost per associate can be as much as 30 percent lower in many cases. The environment is also highly conducive for establishing high-in-demand niche competency centers out of competition for even larger global services companies. Mixing business and pleasure has never been this easy for the discerning expatriate professionals or to the frequent business traveler.

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Sri Lanka’s rupee move positive for IT BPO industry: official

The modern international airport welcomes more than 20 international airlines with direct flights to many worldwide destinations weekly. They get restless and look for better opportunities elsewhere not realizing they will again get bottle-necked without skill development and frequent switching would not reflect nicely on their resume.

There is severe poaching in this industry. Sri Lanka is also becoming an education hub for foreign students from neighboring countries. Earnings from exports of IT-BPM business process management or BPO business process outsourcing sector have shown a steady upward trend during the past decade.

Government also provides special assistance on real estate acquisition based on investment and employment generation potential. Company policies not conducive The company might expect flexibility in shifts, might not be providing conveyance or might not be having medical and other insurances.

The industry has set a target of one billion dollars in export revenue by Sri Lanka has an established norm of early entry of individuals to the workforce soon after college. BPO has ceased to be the attraction that it was previously with its glamour and glitz.

They hop jobs even for meagre increase in salary. Most Indian cities are less than 2 hours away from Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan government has identified the IT-BPO sector as a priority growth sector for economic development and provides many incentives to promote investments.

Emerging: Sri Lanka’s IT/BPO Industry – An Overview

Workforce Advantage Colombo offers a rapidly growing niche workforce which is low cost, highly adaptable, English speaking and loyal. Sri Lanka is among the first South Asian counties to establish a 3G network. Desire to reach the higher salary bracket and management level as early as possible Generally, a candidate joins a BPO with a salary range of to But the generation of today is keen to find shortcuts to that goal.

Colombo is comparatively cost competitive and has a lower upward wage pressure than many established global sourcing destinations. Sri Lanka has already carved out a niche in financial and accounting outsourcing FAO thanks to its strong talent base.

They aim higher and faster. Many global companies have been operating in Sri Lanka for decades. Tier 1 Infrastructure with a Tier 2 Cost Structure Sri Lanka has eight telecom operators and is connected to the world with three international submarine cables providing ample redundancy.

Most Indian cities are less than 2 hours away from Sri Lanka.Sep 17, (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s IT BPO sector, a thriving industry which targets a five billion dollar export revenue inis benefiting from the current rupee depreciation in the island.

The ICT/BPO industry posted revenues of US$ million in / becoming Sri Lanka’s 6th largest export earner. Exports from this sector rose by 47% from US$ million in / Inexport revenue from this sector reached to an estimated $ Mn, employing 80, with firms engaged in it.

The IT and BPO export revenue grew % from $ million in to $ million in to. Apr 03,  · BPO Challenges.

New qualification by CA to recognise BPO as a profession

As we have discussed BPOs in many perspectives, I thought it’s pertinent to discuss some of the challenges met by BPO countries and companies.

Understanding this aspect would be useful for new and emerging outsourcing destinations like Sri. The Sri Lankan IT-BPM Industry. Sri Lanka is emerging as a global IT-BPM destination of choice in number of key focus domain areas.

Sri Lanka is ranked among the Top 50 Global Outsourcing destinations by AT Kearney and ranked among Top 20 Emerging Cities by Global Services Magazine. The High Rate of attrition in the BPO Industry Attrition and attrition rate The attrition rate in the BPO sector is extremely high and climbs to around 48% in voice-based processes and 26–28% in non-voice-based BPO processes.

BPO Industry is Gender balanced. Qualification of ITC Workforce by Sub Sectors. Growth of WF. The growth in the FAO industry in Sri Lanka is signified by the increase in employment within the.

Workforce attrition also remains relatively low at less than 20%. Skills available.

Attrition rates of the bpo industry in sri lanka
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