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The rest of the money comes from local and state funds, and policy is set by local school boards and state governments. The Federal Reserve Board controls monetary policy by setting interest rates, setting requirements for reserves that banks must keep on hand, setting percentages of money people can borrow to buy stocks marginsand by buying and selling treasury notes.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff advise the Secretary Defense on military policy, and the body consists of the Secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, the Commandant of the Marines, and a chair who is a top-ranking military officer selected by the President. Federal grants have supported education, and the Department of Education coordinates a myriad of federal programs, such as student loan programs and Head Start for preschoolers.

Income taxes are progressive, so they tax people with higher incomes at higher rates than others, so many people believe that they are the fairest form of taxation. Of course, Congress may pass legislation that greatly influences foreign policy, and the Senate must confirm treaties that the President signs with other countries.

These programs are supported by legislation that sets eligibility requirements for receiving payments. Keynesian economic policy contrasts to laissez-faire, or free market, theory that purports the idea that the economy should be as free of government control as possible.

Keynesian economics came into favor during the s, when the New Deal legislation actively tried to save the economic downturns of the Great Depression. The policy went through many phases, but was obsolete after the fall of the Soviet Union in Today our government takes a position somewhere between the two philosophies, varying according to conservative or liberal leanings of political leaders.

However, the President generally takes the lead in setting foreign policy, and his chief advisers are usually the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, and the National Security Adviser.

However, the federal government shoulders only about 10 percent of the total expense of public education. Containment theory became widely accepted after mainland China became communist in It was based on the notion that the United Stated should try to keep communism from spreading to areas beyond where is was by the late s.

Even so, many critics believe that corporations should bear a larger proportion of tax responsibility than they do, and that individuals pay too much.

The most important single body responsible for this job is the Federal Reserve Board that heads the vast Federal Reserve System. All of them are headquartered at the Pentagon, where the workers are both civilian and military. However, the military is the last line of defense, and all of the military service branches report through their own secretaries to the Secretary of Defense.Start studying AP Government: Unit 5 Study Guide.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AP Gov Study Guides by Units and Study Exams. Unit 5 Public Policy; Sample Exams with FRQs; Unit 6 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights; Unit 1 Foundatins of Government; Unit 4 Institutions and Policy Processes of Government; Unit 2 Political Opinions_ Beliefs_ and Behaviors; Unit 3 Political Parties_ Elections and Campaigns_Interest Groups_.

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Unit 5 Answers. Today our government takes a position somewhere between the two philosophies, varying.

Ap gov unit 5 study guide
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