An analysis of how eggers portrays his character zeitoun

Zeitoun was released after only staying about a month in prison compared to other prisoners from New Orleans who were released from about five months to a year. He was raised with this mentality and it was sort of engraved into him as he grew older.

In the beginning of the book, Eggers uses the fishing trips Zeitoun was a part of as an example of his love for his family. His book takes the point of view of the Zeitouns, who are one of the many in New Orleans. This was triggered by a lack of community and the idea of needing to steal from the community in order to survive.

So when he was included into another community, he implemented this mindset and treated the community like it was his family; caring for them and trying to keep everyone safe. I believe that this was presented in that part from the book as they would venture out in the cold night to gather provisions for their family.

If everyone worked towards helping their community in this time of peril, the situation would have been much less severe. This highlights the power of family in a difficult situation and can be a means of life or death in some cases.

The author shows how close Abdulrahman Zeitoun the focus of the story is with his family and how this relates to the love he has for his community. His time was engulfed in supporting his community and this was caused by the tragic hurricane and the helplessness it brought to most people in the city.

Through events described in the book, a strong community and family are viewed highly by the author. This goes to show that having solid family relations are extremely crucial. This sort of anti-community attitude is a dangerous one and really causes the problem to inflate.

Following the horrific effects of the hurricane, the percentage of crimes in the city soared as some acted out of panic and fear for their survival, and some took advantage of the confusion in order to commit crimes. Where Zeitoun comes from, family is reliant upon family.

When Zeitoun went missing his family became hysterical and constantly worried for him. In his household, family was put first over everything. They stayed in the city and devoted their time to assisting people in need.

Although he genuinely had a love for the sea and adventure, most of his ambition was driven by love for his family and the need to care for them. Dave Eggers also portrays how the tragedy of hurricane Katrina, really caused family ties to strengthen and deteriorate.

Abdulrahman Zeitoun is a man who was born in Syria and migrated to New Orleans to settle. He even showed that tragedy may even trigger a stronger sense of togetherness or it may work to destroy communities. The author does not directly argue a case or a social comment in the topic of family and community, but depicts how crucial they can be in times of difficulty through the example of the Zeitouns and the other inhabitants of New Orleans.

His older brother Ahmad sent a barrage of letters to news stations and the media asking for the whereabouts of his brother and begging them to search for him. I believe this strong sense of community is extremely important in hard times as it may lessen the effects of whatever the calamity. Due to this, Eggers really argues the importance of family and I completely agree with him.

When Hurricane Katrina rolled along, there was an instinctive feeling in him that swayed him from moving and caused him to remain in the city. Occupants whose lives were affected by the hurricane.

It is also seen how communities came together or fell apart. After his wife found out he was in prison she hired an attorney and fought to have Zeitoun released. His family from afar was constantly calling his wife, Kathy, asking her where he is and pleading her to go and find him.

He also portrays how events can be much more drastic when there is a lack of or a shaky sense of the two factors. In the book, Eggers also displays how community and family are needed in times of tragedy.

He later realized that he needed to be there for his community and that his presence was necessary in order to bring safety to the people in his city; his community, his family. Stressing the positive effects that came from helping the community and highlighting the negative effects that came from hurting the community, Eggers is trying to express that having a strong sense of community in any given situation is definitely important in ANY given situation.

Examples that include the strengthening of a sense of community are found in the decisions and acts of Zeitoun and Todd. The prisoners without a strong family connection such as Nasser and Todd ended up staying for about four times as long as Zeitoun.

Zeitoun would go fishing and catch many fish for his family and not collect a dime from the task. Todd was a completely new man after the storm hit.The author shows how close Abdulrahman Zeitoun (the focus of the story) is with his family and how this relates to the love he has for his community.

Dave Eggers also portrays how the tragedy of hurricane Katrina, really caused family ties to strengthen and deteriorate. Eggers portrays Zeitoun’s benevolent personality through Kathy’s perspective, further presenting the misconception of violent Middle-Easterners by paralleling the personality of Zeitoun with that of his.

Eggers emphasizes that the chief cost of disaster--be it natural or man-made--is the way it robs individuals of their dignity. Both victims and those who abused their power lose a sense of humanity.

After Hurricane Katrina, Zeitoun observes that although the old woman he rescues will survive the. Zeitoun had picked up and dropped off friends and relatives at the station a handful of times over the years. Fronted by a lush lawn and palm trees, the Union Passenger Terminal had opened inan art deco-style building once aspiring to grandness but since overtaken by a certain grey municipal malaise.

Aug 10,  · His arrest was a jarring twist for the main character of the acclaimed book. It follows Mr. Zeitoun after the storm as he ferried desperate neighbors to higher ground in his secondhand canoe.

Tila-Monet Green Dr. Rickel English 19 February Analysis of Zeitoun Zeitoun is an American nonfiction book written by Dave Eggers which focuses on Adbulrahman Zeitoun and his family Zeitoun moved from Jableh, Syria to New Orleans, married Kathy and they have four children.

An analysis of how eggers portrays his character zeitoun
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