Affirmative action pro vs con essay

Affirmative action reinforces stereotypes and racism because of the previous point. Proponents of affirmative action believe that it helps to increase the benefits of diversity in all sectors of society, as well as to compensate for damage caused discrimination.

Pros and Cons By: On the other hand I, as well as others, believe that students admitted to colleges and institutions because they are a minority are often not ready or equipped enough to succeed in the environment in which they have been accepted.

They could potentially come from areas Affirmative action pro vs con essay they do not have the money or resources to have the same opportunities and experiences as those who are more privileged. Measures of affirmative action are always very controversial, because they mean a temporary preference for a particular group over another in order to compensate for past inequalities, and the provision of equal opportunities to the targeted groups for example, women, ethnic minorities at present, for the realization of all fundamental freedoms, particularly in education, employment and business.

It is necessary to permit fairer competition. They argue that students from minority backgrounds do not always get the same opportunities as others do. In addition to this idea, individuals for the concept of affirmative action believe that disadvantaged students, such as the minorities, need an extra boost.

This discrimination continued to take place regardless of the civil laws and constitutional promises to prevent it. Discrimination in any form has always been a problem of humanity since the beginning of its existence. Colleges establish specific standards and qualifications that are required to get accepted into the school, because they are needed in order to be successful at the said institution.

A solution to the first problem that aggravates the second is no solution at all. Also, it presupposes that all people of the same skin color are from the lower class, and therefore need help.

It was also initiated in the work place to promote fairness for minorities in job placement, salary increase, and advancement of their careers Brunner, As Joe Messerli states, "Minorities gave decades of unpaid labor, had land taken from them, were subject to brutal punishments, and were denied most of the fundamental rights provided by our Constitution.

On the one hand, the Supreme Court has banned the use of strict quotas in universities. This also reinforces stereotypes and even embeds them permanently into the system. Opponents of affirmative action argue that it reduces the value of the achievements of the individual, assessing the achievement of the principle of membership in a particular social group, rather than his qualifications.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy If any of these conditions are not met, then this is not an affirmative action but discrimination. This is not always the case. It helps disadvantaged people who come from areas of the country where there are not very many opportunities be able to advance where they otherwise could not.

Compensatory justice demands affirmative action programs. Affirmative action was established to ensure that minorities have the same opportunities and options in college admission, financial aid, grants, and scholarships when it came to furthering their education. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy When employers speak about positive discrimination, they mean affirmative action, which include specific measures to eliminate the disadvantages associated with one of the protected criteria at the work place such as gender and ageto prevent or compensate it, and to ensure full equality.

But this natural right to equality has never been fully available to all people, nor in the past nor at present. Minorities tend to receive the stereotype that they are poor and are all from lower class homes. Affirmative action is reverse discrimination.

Affirmative Action: Pros and Cons

Nondiscrimination alone will achieve our social goals; stronger affirmative action is unnecessary. Affirmative action is a way to ensure that diversity is obtained and maintained in schools and in the workplace. The best people for the position should be put there, regardless of race.

Discrimination can be against children who are abused and intimidated, against women, people infected by HIV or AIDS, people with disabilities, as well as against people of untraditional sexual orientation.

While some minority students are just as, if not more qualified than the majority of students, it is quite possible that a minority student will be accepted into a school in which they will not be able to succeed to the best of their capabilities. So the Arguments against affirmative action are:The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action – Essay Sample Home / Essay Examples / Business / The Pros and Cons of Affirmati Affirmative action was originally conceived to support equality amongst different nationalities, races, sexes and.

The main issue that affirmative action was to address is the issue of discrimination among minorities. Advocates of affirmative action believe the only way to offset the disadvantages that minorities have faced both historically and otherwise, is to even out the playing field so to speak.

Affirmative action is a way to help compensate for the fact that, due to many years of oppression, some races "started late in the race." Again, it helps level the playing field.

A short essay which contains the typical arguments for affirmative action. Affirmative Action: Pros and Cons.

The Pro's and Con's of Affirmative Action Essay

Affirmative action was introduced in as a method of addressing the discrimination of minorities that continued to /5(1). The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action Essay; The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action Essay. Words 14 Pages. Affirmative action has been the topic of debate for many years. It has been controversial because it has been said to be a form of reverse discrimination.

Affirmative Action - Pros and Cons Essay Words | 5 Pages. Affirmative Action can change much of those biased views and allow the minorities to be accepted in the eyes of others. We will write a custom essay sample on Affirmative Action PRO vs. CON specifically for you.

Affirmative action pro vs con essay
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