12 history rebels and the raj

What this suggests is that some of the decisions were taken collectively. Leaders and followers To fight the British, leadership and organisation were required, and for this, they turned towards the Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah who agreed to be the nominal leader of the rebellion.

Shah Mal mobilised the headmen and cultivators of chaurasee des, moving at night from village to village, urging people to rebel against the British. This is one rumour whose origin can be traced. In the s, this began to change.

Captain Hearsey of the Awadh Military Police had been given protection by his Indian subordinates during the mutiny. The episode of the greased cartridges was a classic example of this. Shah Mal was killed in battle in July In the background you can see the British rescue forces arriving as saviours.

When released, he was elected by the mutinous 22nd Native Infantry as their leader. The dead and injured in the foreground are testimony to the suffering during the siege, while the triumphant figures of horses in the middle ground emphasise the fact that British power and control had been re-established.

To explore the basis of the revolt of in some detail, let us look at Awadh — one of the major centres where the drama of unfolded. What were the social, economical religious and military causes of revolt?

It is difficult on the basis of the available documents to provide direct answers to such questions. As we saw, the sepoys who had arrived in Delhi from Meerut had told Bahadur Shah about bullets coated with the fat of cows and pigs and that biting those bullets would corrupt their caste and religion.

They dismissed the rebels as a bunch of ungrateful and barbaric people. Moreover, most of them were sepoys and ordinary people who were not literate. Many people in fact believed that he was invincible, had magical powers, and could not be killed by the British.

Everywhere, peasants poured into towns and joined the soldiers and the ordinary people of the towns in collective acts of rebellion. The meaning and purpose of the distribution of the chapattis was not clear and is not clear even today.

The takeover of Awadh in was expected to complete a process of territorial annexation that had begun with the conquest of Bengal almost a century earlier. He was sent to Calcutta on pension.

There was a general defiance of all kinds of authority and hierarchy. This emotional upheaval was aggravated by immediate material losses. Rumours circulate only when they resonate with the deeper fears and suspicions of people.

There were innumerable other pictures and cartoons in the British press that sanctioned brutal repression and violent reprisal. They also shaped sensibilities.

NCERT Class XII History Part 3: Theme 11 – Rebels And The Raj

Maulvi Ahmadullah Shah Maulvi Ahmadullah Shah was one of the many maulvis who played an important part in the revolt of As noted earlier, in many places the rebellion against the British widened into an attack on all those who were seen as allies of the British or local oppressors.

Very short Questions 02 marks each Q1. Consequently, the every description of native artisan was reduced to beggary.NCERT Class XII History Part 3: Theme 11 – Rebels And The Raj. National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Book for Class XII.

Rebels and the Raj class 12 Notes History chapter 2 in PDF format for free download. Latest chapter Wise notes for CBSE board exams. Rebels and the Raj Other than leaders, even rumours and prophecies had a role Cow and pig fat on greased cartridges of Enfield rifles Rumour of British hatching a conspiracy to destroy caste and religion of Hindus and Muslims- Bone dust of cows and pigs in flour Prophecy that British rule will come to an end on centenary of Battle of Plassey i.

CBSE Assignments of History, CBSE Class 12 History Rebels and The Raj Revolt of and its Representations. CBSE Assignment for Class XII History -Rebels and The Raj Revolt of and its Representations. Based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. The students should read these basic concepts to gain perfection which will help him to get.

Oct 10,  · REBELS AND THE RAJ. Rebels and the Raj – The revolt of and its representation Pattern of Rebellion - People from different walks of life plunged into the revolt – due to their hatred against the oppressive policies of the British Centres of the Revolt – Lucknow, Kanpur, Barrelly, Meerut, Arrah in Bihar.

Leaders – Rani Lakshmi /5(). NCERT Solutions For Class 12 History Chapter 11 Rebels and the Raj The Revolt of and its Representations NCERT TEXTBOOK QUESTIONS SOLVED killarney10mile.com did the mutinous sepoys in many places turn to erstwhile rulers to provide leadership to the revolt?

Ans. Following are the major reasons to explain why the rebellious soldiers.

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12 history rebels and the raj
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